Jeannette Gregori

She was born 1967 in Thionville, France and lives in Strasbourg.

She studied photography at the University of Indiana, USA, at the Fine arts department in 1993/1994 along with teaching languages at the French department.

She returned to the United States with a Fulbright scholarship in 2002/2003 and focused on social photography in the area of New York. Back to France, her interest grew in Roma communities when she realised photography could change mentalities and help abolish prejudices against them.

Her series Enfances Tsiganes was exhibited at the Médiathèque André Malraux in Strasbourg, in October 2009 for the International Day of Eradication of Poverty. Then, it was exhibited at theCouncil of Europe for the International Roma Day. It helped raising consciousness against the problem of stigmatisation increasingly present in France and made the public sensitive to the evictions of some families. She became more present on the settlements, assisted Roma families, took the children on field-trips, organized food, clothes collections and fund-raising activities

Her photography work travelled throughout France, Lille, Paris, Metz in Gypsy festivals, it was associated with Gypsy jazz musicians, dancers (“Mémoires Vives” company) and was used as educational material in schools. She currently works for the City of Strasbourg in collaboration with the Roma Mission on various projects: photography murals and teaching basic skills in photography to Roma children.